Should You Consider Gas Furnace Conversion for Your Home in Maple Valley?

gas furnace conversion maple valleyIs gas furnace conversion the right move for your residence in Maple Valley? The decision to change the heating system in your house is a drastic move. There is a multitude of factors to consider, from cost to energy consumption. The following are the variables to take into account before hiring an HVAC technician.

Availability of Fuel

Upon a gas furnace conversion, you’ll need to think about the type of fuel you’ll require. Depending on your location, some fuel types may not be as readily available. You’ll need to verify whether your residence is connected to a gas line. If not, you’ll need to invest in an additional cost to have one installed.

Cost of Equipment & Hookups

You’ll need to get an estimate from a qualified HVAC technician. Verify that the estimate includes all the required parts, as well as labor costs. This way, you aren’t caught off guard by unexpected fees after the installation has already been made.

Additional Expenses 

Apart from the immediate costs, it’s important to think of all other associated expenses. If making a conversion, additional fees may include removing the existing oil tank, maintenance, and routine furnace tune-ups. Likewise, you can compare this to the money you’ll save, such as the energy expenditure versus the energy use in your existing and outgoing furnace. 

Learn More about Gas Furnace Conversion in Maple Valley

To learn more, contact the team at American Energy Systems today! One of our technicians can answer any questions you may have. Our services are far-reaching, including heat pump installation, AC repair, and much more. Whatever your needs, leave it to us to optimize your residence or commercial HVAC’s function.

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What to Expect from the Furnace Installation Process in Covington

furnace installation covingtonBefore arranging for furnace installation services in Covington, spend time learning about what the process entails. This makes things on your end easier when the technician is performing the installation. You can ask questions and better understand what’s taking place. Here are the basics to know about.

Old Heater Removal

The first step is taking out the old heating unit. The length of time this will take varies depending on the heater model and size. In any case, this step usually takes the longest.

New Furnace Installation and Connection

Next, the technician hauls in the new furnace. The installation process here includes connecting the unit to the home’s pipes and electrical components. The electrical wiring varies and may be more extensive in some homes than others. Certain electrical adjustments may also need to be made to ensure a smooth connection with the power source.

Heating System Testing

The last step involves the homeowner. The new furnace is now installed, so you’ll need to test it out for yourself to ensure it performs as expected. Once everything is ok, consider a regular furnace tune-up with the contractor or company. Continued maintenance, after all, is the key to maintaining a healthy furnace.

Talk to a Furnace Installation Specialist in Covington

If you still have inquiries, contact the pros at American Energy Systems for a consultation. We have years of industry experience providing heater unit set-ups. In addition, if your unit just needs a repair and not a full replacement, we can do that too by providing tune-ups and replacing individual parts like the heat pump. We also perform both repairs and replacements for air conditioning systems. Whatever your HVAC needs, leave it to us to determine the best solution!

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Do I Need a Furnace Tune Up or Replacement in Auburn?

furnace tune up auburnA regular furnace tune-up will prolong the life of your heating unit. Nevertheless, most units will eventually need to be replaced. Most systems, in fact, have a life expectancy of about 15 years. When your furnace is around that age and begins experiencing issues, then it may be time for a replacement.

Carbon Monoxide Emissions

If the unit is emitting carbon monoxide, then you’ll most likely need a replacement. It’s important to contact an HVAC technician right away as carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious safety hazard. The gas is also invisible to the naked eye and odorless, making it difficult to detect.

Increased Heating Bills

In most cases, homeowners notice a modest decrease in their monthly energy bill upon a tune-up. This is expected as tune-ups address issues that impede function. However, if you notice your monthly bill continues to increase, then the issue is likely beyond what can be addressed through routine maintenance. In this scenario, the technician may recommend either a unit replacement or a more extensive repair, based on what’s more cost-efficient in the long run.

High Maintenance & Repair Costs

Furnace tune-ups are quite affordable, though the cost of yearly maintenance does add up over time. Usually, a technician will recommend a replacement if the repair cost is over half the cost of a new replacement and installation. New ductless heating systems are also more energy-efficient, helping you save money month over month.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up or Replacement in Auburn

American Energy Systems is here to assist with your heating needs. We perform a number of installation and repair services for multiple HVAC systems, from air conditioners to the traditional gas furnace. Contact us today to schedule a furnace tune-up and keep the system running optimally. 

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