How to Increase Air Conditioning Unit Efficiency in Seattle

air conditioning unit in SeattleWhen the weather begins rising, it’s time to think about how you can reduce your utility bill. Your air conditioning unit can be a major source of energy usage if it isn’t running optimally. Being certain you do everything you can to boost your air conditioning efficiency can save you money during the hotter seasons. 

Vacuum the Vents

If the vents are clogged, they won’t be able to shuttle the cool air to the varying parts of your home. Be certain to vacuum out all the vents and remove dust or debris that accumulated over the winter. This will eliminate any allergens and increase your home’s air quality. 

Keep Curtains Closed 

Even if the windows are adequately sealed, they’ll lose cool air when the temperature rises. If you keep your curtains and shutters closed during peak temperature hours, you’ll be able to maintain sufficient cooler air. Keeping your curtains shut maintains the indoor temperature and keeps it from fluctuating.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

A great way to increase your AC efficiency is to make sure the outdoor HVAC component is clean. Over the winter, the outdoor unit will get dirty and potentially blocked in the vents, which can minimize the effectiveness of the AC. Aside from removing debris like leaves and dirt over or close to the vent, make sure you trim back any vegetation that may have grown over the unit.   

Need to Increase Your Air Conditioning Unit Efficiency in Seattle?

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