Signs You Need HVAC Ductwork Replacement in Maple Valley

ductwork in Maple ValleyYour HVAC system has a network of varying parts; keeping them all in efficient working condition is crucial. Your HVAC ductwork is just as pivotal as any other piece in the system. When they begin to wear, you’ll see a drop in your heater and AC’s performance. Knowing some of the symptoms that you need ductwork replacement can help you get the most out of the HVAC. 


If you’re smelling odors when your HVAC system turns on, this could be a symptom that it’s time for new ducts. As the ducts get older, they can start to accrue dust and even grow mold. This can be a major health liability if it isn’t addressed in a timely manner. Replacement may be your best option. 

Poor Performance

The HVAC ducts carry the warm or cool air to the varying sections of the home. If they begin to wear or holes form, you may notice the interior isn’t getting as warm or as cool as it once was. New ducts can get the system back to factory-level performance.

Visible Damage

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to perform a visual checkup of your ducts. If you see dents or holes, an HVAC duct replacement is likely in order. While you can do some temporary DIY fixing, the damage will only worsen with time.  

Need HVAC Ductwork Replacement in Maple Valley?

If you need a new duct system, American Energy Systems can help you. Our crew can determine the ideal solution for your needs, whether that be a heat pump system or a new furnace. We also install ductless heating and coolingair conditioning and other HVAC components. Call us today to learn more.  

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