Facts About Ductless Heating in Renton

ductless heating in RentonAs living costs rise, more homeowners are looking for ways to stay cozy without breaking the bank. One solution is ductless heating in Renton. Many people have heard of ductless heating but aren’t really familiar with how it works and how it differs from a traditional furnace or HVAC system. Here are some facts regarding ductless heaters and how they can be beneficial.

They Consume Less Energy

Ductless systems on average consume less power compared to traditional gas furnaces. Conventional HVAC systems utilize a complex ductwork system. A lot of heating is lost when the air is shuttled through this tunnel network, especially if there’s a leak. When air is lost, the system has to work harder to bring the room to the desired temperature.

Create Multiple Heat Zones

With ductless systems, you can heat each room in a different setting. This is highly beneficial since most people have different heating/cooling preferences and tolerances. Each occupant can adjust the setting to their own personal preference without impeding on the comfort of other occupants.

Quiet Operation

Older heating and air conditioning systems create an audible whirring or humming sound. The noise may become louder as the system ages and accumulates more problems. Ductless systems aren’t noise-free, but the sound is limited to a soft and steady hum.

Promotes Clean Air

Ductless systems utilize a multi-filtration system to intercept airborne particles and prevent them from infiltrating the air interior. The lack of ductwork also means no accumulation of dust and debris in the duct tunnels.

Invest in Ductless Heating in Renton

There’s indeed an initial investment with the installation of ductless heating in Renton. However, you’ll save money over the long haul. Take the first step by contacting American Energy Systems. A consultation will help you determine if ductless heating is appropriate for your residence.

Installation for Ductless Heating in Renton

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