Questions About a Heat Pump Repair in Federal Way

heat pump repair in Federal WayDoes your residence or place of business contain a heat pump? At some point, you may notice diminished performance. Perhaps the system isn’t generating as much heat. The system may be due for a checkup. Here are the questions we often get regarding heat pump repair in Federal Way.

Is It Time to Replace the Heat Pump?

Most heat pump issues can be fixed within a single visit by a professional technician. As a general rule, owners should consider a replacement if the unit is more than 10 years old and has been experiencing recurring issues. If you need a replacement, now may be a good time to invest in a ductless heating system.

How Much Do Repairs Cost?

Customers want an average figure. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to provide an answer because costs vary greatly depending on what needs to be repaired. Variables like the model and individual parts that need to be replaced also come into play. An estimate can only be provided once an initial inspection has taken place.

Are DIY Repairs Possible?

Despite the number of DIY heat pump repair videos on the internet, we don’t ever recommend homeowners or business owners attempting any repairs on their own. First of all, a misstep can put the HVAC at risk of incurring further damage. Secondly, heat pumps are set to an electrical circuit of 240 volts. DIY repairs can be dangerous, and you risk electrocution.

Need Heat Pump Repair in Federal Way?

With winter just about here, now is the time to be certain your heat pump is in working order. At American Energy Systems, we perform heat pump repairs and do so to strict industry standards. If you have a conventional furnace, we do repairs on that as well.

Expert Heat Pump Repair in Federal Way

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