HVAC Service Tips for Renton Residents

energy efficiency maple valleyThe HVAC is your saving grace during the summer and winter seasons. You’ll be using the system much more during these months than when the weather is mild. This is why HVAC services matter especially right before it gets too hot or cold. Here are tips to keep in mind when scheduling HVAC maintenance.

Clean the Vents

The most ideal way to ensure your HVAC system is working optimally is to keep the airflow consistent. When the vents accrue dust, they inhibit the flow of air and make the unit work harder to maintain a satisfactory room temperature. Be certain a maintenance session includes a checkup of the vents. You can also contribute by regularly vacuuming and sweeping to prevent surface debris from becoming airborne and getting into the ducts.

Seal the Ducts

The ductwork is where the hot or cold air is shuttled to varying rooms in the interior. If the ductwork isn’t fully sealed, air can escape and the HVAC will have to produce more. Escaped air is wasted money, so maintaining sealed ducts is important.

Get Professional Maintenance 

Professional maintenance can keep the HVAC operating at its peak. A technician can perform checkups and identify pertinent issues, such as leaks or a faulty thermostat. This keeps problems from developing into more severe issues down the line.

Need Help with HVAC Services in Renton?

To make sure the HVAC is operating efficiently, American Energy Systems can assist you. Our crew can work with you to determine the appropriate solution, whether that’s regarding a heat pump system or a new furnace. We also install ductless heating and cooling for homeowners looking to replace the system altogether.

Professional Help with HVAC Services in Renton

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