Is Ductless Heating Efficient in Kent?

ductless heating auburnEfficiency in your HVAC is highly important, not just for your budget but also for the sake of sustainability. Ductless heating in Kent is a terrific means to minimize heat loss as it gets dispersed throughout the home. By preventing warm air from escaping, you can use it more effectively and experience optimal heat distribution over the residential interior.

Transfer Heat Instead of Generating It

Heating systems consisting of a ductless pump don’t produce heat the same way that a furnace or boiler does. Instead, they grab air from outside and cycle it through a condensation and evaporation process, which warms it up. This produces far less energy than conventional furnaces.

Different Climates in Each Room 

Since ductless systems don’t rely on a single heat source that then needs to be distributed, each room can have its respective temperature settings. This enables you to only heat rooms that are occupied and not vacant rooms. Plus, each occupant will enjoy being able to adjust the settings to what is comfortable for them.

Less Heat Loss

The primary reason ductless systems are more energy efficient is due to not having any ductwork that can leave the system prone to air leaks. Heat is shuttled in from the outside, meaning you get warm air directly from the source of origin. The air isn’t traversing through long and winding ducts.

Need Ductless Heating in Kent?

Are you contemplating a boost in energy efficiency? Let American Energy Systems help! We can install a ductless system or provide other HVAC solutions that is optimal for your heating needs and budget. Our service is diverse and includes heat pump repair and air conditioner replacement among others. Get in touch with us today for a consultation.

Ductless Heating Installation in Kent

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