The Benefits of Ductless Cooling in Kent

ductless cooling in KentThere are many benefits of ductless cooling for Kent homeowners. This may prove to be a wise and cost-saving investment, especially if your current HVAC system is aging and is due for a replacement. Learn of the many advantages associated with this air conditioning type.

1. It Uses Less Energy

Ductless cooling systems consume less energy compared to conventional HVAC units with traditional ductwork. Over time, this saves you money on your utility bills, especially during the summer when AC use reaches its peak.

2. Fast Installation

Since ductless systems use zero ductwork, there are no ducts to install behind the walls. This means fewer materials are required. The benefits are twofold: the installation and material costs are cheaper. Secondly, the installation itself is quicker.

3. Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

As stated, ductless systems are energy efficient, and most models have the ENERGY STAR designation. The lower energy output means lower costs. More importantly, it’s a green solution, and your home creates less carbon footprint. It’s a good feeling knowing your daily living is contributing to a more sustainable environment.

4. Less Maintenance

Ductless systems require little maintenance, mainly because there are no ducts to clean. The required maintenance comes down to occasionally changing the air filter and keeping the outdoor unit’s vent clear of debris.

Thinking About a Ductless Cooling Installation in Kent?

If you think a ductless cooling system may be the way to go for your Kent residence, then get in touch with American Energy Systems. We have a wealth of experience performing ductless HVAC installations for homes and offices. Our services are diverse and also include repairs and installations of heating units like furnaces and heat pumps.

Ductless Cooling Installation and Repairs in Kent

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