Heat Pump Installation Can Keep Your Home Cool This Summer in Federal Way

heat pump installation federal wayDue to the word “heat” in heat pump, you may think this is a fixture solely intended for warming the home. However, the truth is that this component can also improve your residence’s cooling efficiency. Here are some of the advantages associated with a heat pump installation. Contrary to belief, this isn’t merely an alternative to a traditional furnace. Its many benefits are far more diverse.

Can Cool Your Home

It sounds counterintuitive, but a heat pump plays a large role in home cooling. You can set the system to a lower temperature much the same way with an air conditioner. This is a big deal, especially with summer right around the corner. 

Costs Less to Run

You’ll save on energy costs over time. Heat pumps on average cost less to operate than ACs. The former is known for its strong energy efficiency, making them a long-term investment for sustainable home living. Over time, you’ll see your energy bill get lower over.

Keeps Emissions Production Low

Another advantage of heat pumps is the sustainable aspect. Older HVAC systems produce more carbon emissions due to the higher energy output. By switching to a heat pump, you take on a greater role in contributing to a greener lifestyle.

Schedule Heat Pump Installation in Federal Way Today!

Federal Way homeowners can turn to American Energy Systems for immediate professional assistance. If you’re contemplating a heat pump installation, we can install a model that’s right for your home size, budget considerations, etc. We also have a long history of providing related HVAC services, from air conditioning repairs to furnace replacements. Contact us to learn how we can be of help.

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