What to Expect from the Furnace Installation Process in Covington

furnace installation covingtonBefore arranging for furnace installation services in Covington, spend time learning about what the process entails. This makes things on your end easier when the technician is performing the installation. You can ask questions and better understand what’s taking place. Here are the basics to know about.

Old Heater Removal

The first step is taking out the old heating unit. The length of time this will take varies depending on the heater model and size. In any case, this step usually takes the longest.

New Furnace Installation and Connection

Next, the technician hauls in the new furnace. The installation process here includes connecting the unit to the home’s pipes and electrical components. The electrical wiring varies and may be more extensive in some homes than others. Certain electrical adjustments may also need to be made to ensure a smooth connection with the power source.

Heating System Testing

The last step involves the homeowner. The new furnace is now installed, so you’ll need to test it out for yourself to ensure it performs as expected. Once everything is ok, consider a regular furnace tune-up with the contractor or company. Continued maintenance, after all, is the key to maintaining a healthy furnace.

Talk to a Furnace Installation Specialist in Covington

If you still have inquiries, contact the pros at American Energy Systems for a consultation. We have years of industry experience providing heater unit set-ups. In addition, if your unit just needs a repair and not a full replacement, we can do that too by providing tune-ups and replacing individual parts like the heat pump. We also perform both repairs and replacements for air conditioning systems. Whatever your HVAC needs, leave it to us to determine the best solution!

Furnace Installation Services in Covington

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