Troubleshooting Before You Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up in Renton

schedule a furnace tune-up rentonDo you have plans to schedule a furnace tune-up for your Renton household? If so, there are some actions to take before arranging for a professional inspection. Here are some simple tasks to consider that may restore your furnace function.

Inspect the Air Filter

It doesn’t hurt to check the air filter before a furnace tune-up. The filter accumulates debris and contaminants, making it less effective and allowing particles to enter the system and impede function. Pull out the filter and examine it against a light source. Light will be able to penetrate a clean filter. If the light doesn’t shine through, then replacing the filter may solve the problem.

Check the Thermostat Battery

Thermostat batteries last for many years, sometimes as long as the HVAC system itself. Modern ductless heating/cooling systems use even less power, so the battery is long-lasting. Nevertheless, a dying battery may cause the furnace to function at less than 100% capacity.

Ensure Air Vents Are Open

In addition, it’s a smart idea to open the air vents in all of your rooms. If you don’t feel adequate heating, keeping the vents open helps lower the furnace’s pressure. Keeping all of the vents closed all the time can lead to problems, such as mold growth, compressor failure, and damage to the blower motor.

Time to Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up in Renton?

Do you want to schedule a furnace tune-up for your Renton residence? Let the pros at American Energy Systems provide the help you need. If all of the above troubleshooting methods fail, then the underlying problem clearly requires professional intervention. Aside from furnace care, we provide a number of other services, including tankless water heater installations and more. Let this winter be the time of year to prioritize furnace maintenance. 

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up or Replacement in Renton

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