Preparing for HVAC Service in Covington

HVAC service CovingtonDo you suspect an issue with your air conditioning or heating system in Covington? Whatever the issue, we recommend making some preparation prior to the technician’s arrival. Here are some HVAC preparation tips to keep in mind to help the inspection and repairs go more smoothly. This simplifies and expedites the process for everyone involved. 

Establish a Budget

Come up with a budget. It helps to do research regarding common HVAC repair costs. If you suspect a faulty heat pump, for example, then perform a search or make a few phone calls to inquire about heat pump repairs or replacement. This will give you an idea of a rough estimate and what you can expect to spend.

Have Documentation Ready

Have you serviced the HVAC unit before? If you have receipts or invoices from prior servicing, have these on hand. It may be of use to the technician to have information regarding the last servicing date and the work that was done. If you have documents regarding the warranty, have those ready as well. 

Clean the Area

Declutter the area surrounding the HVAC unit. This just makes the technician’s job easier as he/she doesn’t have to navigate around objects to access your system. You should also have a parking space available. If you have a garage, we recommend moving your car out for the technician’s commercial van or truck.

Ready for HVAC Service in Covington?

Are you in need of HVAC service in Covington? Now that you know how to prepare, the next step is to contact American Energy Systems to set up an appointment. We inspect all HVAC system types, including modern ductless heating/cooling systems. Whatever the issue with your HVAC, leave the diagnosis and subsequent repairs to us.

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