Gas Furnace Safety Tips for Your Home in Kent

gas furnace safety kentA gas furnace is a great, energy-efficient way to heat your home during the colder months. However, you might be concerned about keeping it safe and secure, especially during times of the year when you use it a lot. Luckily, you can improve your gas furnace safety with some simple techniques. 

Vacuum Around the Furnace

One of the most dangerous things for a gas furnace is dust. Dust and lint can get into your furnace and build up very quickly over a fairly short period of time. Vacuum in and around your furnace regularly. Once a month should be sufficient to keep dust from piling up. 

Replace Filters Regularly 

Damaged or clogged filters can be safety hazards for your gas furnace. They can also contribute to breakdowns and mechanical problems, which can end up being very costly. It is cheaper and safer to change or clean your furnace’s filters once a month than it is to deal with a large issue down the line. 

Get Regular Maintenance and Inspections

The best thing you can do to ensure your gas furnace safety is to get it regularly maintained and inspected by a professional. They will know how to look for any potential problems or safety hazards. They will also have the tools and techniques to make sure it is properly maintained and serviced. 

Need Maintenance for Gas Furnace Safety in Kent?

Do you want to make sure your gas furnace is safe and running smoothly? American Energy Systems can keep your furnace or air conditioning clean and maintained all year-round. Our technicians can also install heat pumps as well as ductless heating and cooling and other HVAC services. Contact us today for more information!  

Expert Gas Furnace Safety Maintenance in Kent

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