What Does a Heat Pump Do in Covington?

heat pump covingtonA heat pump is a unique and incredibly effective type of heating and cooling system. Unlike a furnace, a pump doesn’t require nearly as much energy to warm up or cool down your home. In this article, we’ve laid out how heat pumps work and how they can increase the efficiency and comfort of your home. 

Absorbs Heat Energy 

Heat pumps don’t generate heat in the same way a furnace does. Instead, they take the heat from outside your home and move it to the inside. This is a much more efficient way to heat up a house since it uses energy that already exists.   

Transfers Heat

Because heat pumps can take heat energy from the exterior of your home, they can also take it from the interior. This means a pump can be used to cool your home as well as warm it. To do this, it pulls the heat from inside the home and moves it to the exterior. This has a similar effect to an air conditioner and efficiently cools the house. 

Applies Pressure to Gas

During the cooling process, the heat energy pulled in by the pump is turned into gas by a refrigerant coil. This gas is then pressurized and warmed up so the hot air absorbs into the coil. This is how the energy is cycled through the coils and transferred between the indoor and outdoor areas. By using the warm air’s natural tendency to move to cooler areas, the heat pump works more efficiently and uses less energy. 

Need Heat Pump Installation in Covington?

Are you interested in having this system installed in your home? American Energy Systems can install heat pumps as well as ductless HVAC systems and many more solutions for your heating and air conditioning. Our technicians can also do furnace conversion to help keep your home’s HVAC running smoothly. Contact us today for more information!

Expert Heat Pump Installation in Covington 

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