Is Ductless Heating Efficient in Auburn?

ductless heating auburnEfficiency in your heating system is incredibly important, not only for your wallet but also for the environment. Ductless heating is a great way to avoid losing heat as it gets dispersed around your house. By keeping warm air from escaping, you can utilize it more efficiently and have better heat distribution throughout the home.

Transfer Heat Instead of Generating It

Heating systems that use a ductless pump don’t generate heat in the same way that a furnace or boiler does. Instead, they take air from outdoors and put it through a condensation and evaporation cycle, which warms it up. This is a much more energy-efficient way to get warm air inside the house. 

Different Climates in Each Room 

Because a ductless heater doesn’t rely on one source of heat that then needs to be distributed, each room can be set to its own temperature. This allows you to only heat rooms you are actually using instead of having to heat the whole house. Plus, everyone can set their own individual temperature, which the whole family will love. 

Less Heat Loss

The main reason a ductless heating system is more energy efficient is the lack of complicated ductwork that can leak or break, causing a loss of heat. Since the heat is transferred from outside, you’re getting it straight from the source instead of forcing it through a series of ducts and vents. This can result in a 20-30% increase in efficiency for your home. 

Need Ductless Heating in Auburn?

Are you interested in increasing your home’s efficiency through ductless heating? American Energy Systems can install a ductless system as well as help you find more solutions for your heating and air conditioning. Our technicians can also do furnace conversion and install heat pumps to help you keep your home’s HVAC running smoothly. Contact us today for a consultation!

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