What to Expect from the Furnace Installation Process in Covington

furnace installation covingtonBefore scheduling furnace installation services in Covington, take time to learn about the process. Knowing what to expect can make communicating with the HVAC contractor easier. While every company is different, installations generally consist of the following.

Old Heater Removal

The first step is removing your old heating unit. The amount of time this takes will depend largely upon your heater’s type, size and condition. This steps takes the longest. 

New Furnace Installation and Connection

Next, the furnace installation crew will bring in your new unit. The technicians will need to connect all of the system components, such as the ventilation system. This step also includes completing any electrical wiring. Things may need to be adjusted before being able to hook it into the power source.

Heating System Testing

Finally, it’s time to test your new system! Don’t let the technicians leave your home until they’ve checked that everything is working properly. Additionally, consider scheduling a furnace tune-up once the technicians wrap everything up. This will ensure you don’t accidentally skip any important maintenance.

Speak with a Furnace Installation Specialist in Covington Today

If you still have questions about the furnace installation process, the professionals at American Energy Systems can provide the information you need. After years of offering top-notch service, Covington homeowners have come to depend on our company for a variety of heating and cooling services. From furnace installations, tune-ups and replacements to assistance with heat pumps, air conditioning units and ductless heating/cooling, our team delivers high-quality results. Contact us today to speak with one or our certified technicians. 

Furnace Installation Services in Covington

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