FAQs About Furnace Tune-Up Services in Kent

Furnace Tune-Up Services Kent It’s normal for homeowners to have questions about furnace tune-up services in Kent. While a professional HVAC contractor can address concerns specific to your situation, it’s likely you want some information before scheduling an appointment. Keep these frequently asked questions in mind as you prepare for your service appointment.

Do I need a tune-up or a replacement?

Scheduling furnace tune-up services regularly can prolong your unit’s lifespan, reduce the need for emergency repairs and maintain your manufacturer warranty. Eventually, though, even a well-maintained furnace will need to be replaced. With proper care, a unit can last up to 20 years. When you start noticing certain issues, however, it’s probably time to have it replaced rather than tuned-up. Frequent repairs and increasing energy bills are often signs it’s time to buy a new unit. 

How long will furnace tune-up services take to complete?

Every company is different, but the furnace tune-up process is generally pretty standard. In most cases, you should expect it to take about an hour, but additional time may be necessary to address any issues discovered during the inspection. Meet with the technician afterward to review the tune-up checklist and discuss any potential issues.

What should I do between tune-ups?

Taking these simple steps between services can optimize performance. First, make sure you replace the furnace filters as needed. Also consider giving your system a break by turning your thermostat down while you’re out of the house. 

Ready for a Furnace Tune-Up in Kent?

Count on American Energy Systems when you need to schedule a furnace tune-up in Kent. Our experienced technicians can also assist with services related to heat pumps, air conditioning and ductless heating/cooling units. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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